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Solo Gallery Show 2016

"Interfaces"  2013  (wall text)

"Sound People"  2012 (wall text)

"Tears Project"  2011

  • "Interfaces" 2013 Dark earth, wood, clay cell iphones, various wall & car phone chargers, headsets, headphones, LED lights.
  • Closer view of "Interfaces." Each clay iphone was painted with elements from American West indigenous people's cave paintings.
  • Detail of "Interfaces."
  • Detail of "Interfaces."
  • "Sound People" 2012 Five wire figures with speakers at the heart, each playing a constant sine tone under individually colored spotlights.
  • The other view of "Sound People."
  • "Tears Project" 2011 Each day I collected my tears into these small vials.
  • Closeup of "Tears Project." Tear vials were given as gifts after the show.

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